what to say about me?

•How can I put into words that adequately describe me without blathering on? I am many things:

Love of words, wisdom, a man of a big calibre that make art so easy. Why say otherwise!

•I would love to make a difference in this world by just being me (Who else could I be?)

• so I am striving to let my authentic self shine.

Why do this?

  • To show my works and my Art in general

Live like you would die tomorrow, learn like you would live forever!

•(isoart), All the Artwork in this site is of creation.

making some differences I’m just a man. I’m a being from Rivers State Nigeria

if you want to see more about me click on about me you see more info

Amicable Art

this is one of the hard-working artist in Nigeria African general we are all talented in our owen ways.

We are open for business

• some tips about business

•°•business are of idea’s and innovation. Your ideas, however, must be creative, realistic, and profitable. It is also not enough to have ideas, you must consciously transform your ideas into reality. A business executive should be a generator and executioner of ideas. The more ideas you have, the more exploits you have

in other word to cover everything I’m saying is lack of innovation, means lack of productivity and profitability.

Amicable the smart girl that has the Magic Finger, that makes beautiful portrait, pencil shading. Full of ideas, but the problem is we lack business strategies, trying to get the right way to make a living not selling our art of $10 that doesn’t make sense to us

A lady of this calibre make a nice drawing make painting for living. She needs more promoters

You can contact her directly on a Facebook (Amicable art)


Isoart is all about the art in African, trying to make you understand that there are a lot of talented student in person in general

putting myself like and an example I’m very talented in creativity,

Art in Africa is always on your own promotion we have a talented artist I mean a talented artist in our country our continent Africa I can tell with experience I might not be more better than you think but they’re her more better once in this continent Africa.

I remote African Arts………….